Thomas Pilcher is an artist from Kent whose work mainly explores the themes of time, memory and nostalgia. Working in a range of mediums from painting, installation, video, photography, and a time based medium – image maker, he experiments with transforming and collapsing indexes of time, looking at the dissonance between past and present.



Pop Creative Space – Rochester, Kent – October/November 2014 – ‘Time Machine (2014) from ‘The Fourth Dimension’ (2014) video installation
51zero Festival – Rochester, Kent – October 2014 – ‘Time Machine’ (2014) from ‘The Fourth Dimension’ (2014) video installation
Turner Contemporary – June/July 2014 – Page Turner exhibition – ‘Degeneration’ (2013)  video
The Historic Dockyard Chatham – May/June 2014 – University of Kent Degree Show 2014 – ‘The Fourth Dimension’ (2014) installation including video works

Rochester High Street, Kent – December 2013 – I AM Interim Show – ‘Somewhere in Between’ (2013) mixed media
The Historic Dockyard Chatham – March/April 2013 – The Loft – ‘Degenerate’ (2013) video installation and photography
Sun Pier House, Chatham – March 2013 – ‘Twice in the Same River’ (2013) collaborative installation

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